Redemption in a serious man essay

The Existence of God A.

Redemption in a serious man essay

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis InAndy Dufresne Tim Robbinsa banker in Maine, is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, a golf pro. Since the state of Maine has no death penalty, he is given two consecutive life sentences and sent to the notoriously harsh Shawshank Prison.

Andy keeps claiming his innocence, but his cold and measured demeanor led many to doubt his words. Meanwhile, Ellis Boyd Redding Morgan Freemanknown as Red is being interrogated by the parole commission to consider granting him parole after having spent 20 years at Shawshank for murder.

Despite his best efforts and behavior, Red's parole is rejected which doesn't affect him all that much. Red is then introduced as the local smuggler who can get inmates anything they want within reason. An alarm then goes off alerting all prisoners of new arrivals.

Red and his friends bet on whichever new fish will have a nervous break down during his first night in prison.

Life and Works

Red places a huge bet on Andy. During the first night, an overweight newly arrived inmate, nicknamed ''fat ass', breaks down and cries hysterically allowing Heywood William Sadler to win the bet.

However, the celebration is short lived when the chief guard, Byron Hadley Clancy Brownsavagely beats up the fat man for being unable to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Andy remains steadfast and composed. The next morning, the Redemption in a serious man essay learn that ''fat ass'' died in the infirmary because the prison doctor had left for the night.

Andy inquires about the man's name only to be chastised by Heywood. About a month later, Andy approaches Red having heard of his talents for finding things.

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He asks Red to find him a rock hammer, an instrument he claims is necessary for his hobby of rock collecting and sculpting. Red asks a few questions about his intentions which Andy laughs off. Red agrees to place the order and also warns Andy about ''the sisters'', a group of prisoners who sexually assaults other prisoners, most importantly their leader, Boggs Mark Rolston who has developed a crush on Andy.

Though other prisoners consider Andy "a really cold fish," Red sees something in Andy, and likes him from the start. Red believes Andy intends to use the hammer to engineer his escape in the future but when the tool arrives and he sees how small it is, Red understands why Andy laughed and laughs too, putting aside the thought that Andy could ever use it to dig his way out of prison.

During the first two years of his incarceration, Andy spends most of his time working in the prison laundry or fighting off Boggs and his goons. Though he persistently resists and fights them, Andy is beaten and raped on a regular basis but keeps quiet about it.

When a work detail for tarring the roof of one of the prison's buildings is announced, Red pulls some strings to get Andy and a few of their mutual friends assigned to the job, giving everyone a break from the usual. During the job Andy overhears Hadley complaining about having to pay taxes for an upcoming inheritance.

Drawing on his expertise as a banker, Andy lets Hadley know how he can shelter his money from the IRS by turning it into a one-time gift for his wife. He then offers to assist Hadley in filling out all the proper forms in exchange for some cold beers for his fellow inmates while on the tarring job.

Though he at first threatens to throw Andy off the roof, Hadley, the most brutal guard in the prison, agrees, providing the men with cold beer before the job is finished.

See a Problem?

Red remarks that Andy may have engineered the privilege to build favor with the prison guards as much as with his fellow inmates, but he also thinks Andy did it simply to "feel normal again.

Red is surprised but agrees to place the order. Soon after, Andy once more encounters the Sisters and avoids rape but is brutally beaten within an inch of his life, putting him in the infirmary for a month.

Boggs spends a week in solitary for the beating. When he comes out, he finds Hadley and his men waiting in his cell.

Works in progress

They beat him so badly that he's left unable to walk or eat solid food for the rest of his life and is transferred to a prison hospital upstate. The Sisters move on and never bother Andy again.

When Andy gets out of the infirmary, he finds a bunch of rocks for him to sculpt and a giant poster of Rita Hayworth in his cell; presents from Red and his buddies.

He finds Andy reading his copy of the Holy Bible and they talk about their favorite verses while the guards are turning the cell upside down looking for illegal possessions. Satisfied with their encounter, the warden leaves and almost forget to give his Bible back to Andy. He then encourages Andy to keep reading the Bible saying that ''Salvation lays within''.

Andy is later advised that he will now work in the prison library with aging inmate Brooks Hatlen James Whitmore.

Redemption in a serious man essay

The reason for his transfer is made obvious when a prison guard shows up asking Andy for financial advice. Andy sets-up a makeshift desk and starts working, providing financial advice to most prison guards and helping them with their income tax returns.

Andy also sees an opportunity to expand the prison library; he starts by asking the Maine state senate for funds. He writes letters every week. His financial support practice is so appreciated that even guards from other prisons, when they visit for inter-prison baseball matches, seek Andy's financial advice.The Shawshank Redemption () Plot.

Redemption in a serious man essay

Showing all 7 items Jump to: Summaries (6) Synopsis The film portrays the man's unique way of dealing with his new, torturous life; along the way he befriends a number of fellow prisoners, most notably a wise long-term inmate named Red.

His latest novel, The Essay, was released in October by Arcade. He also is the author of Dead Before Deadline, a compilation of stories Robin Yocum is the author of the award-winning, critically acclaimed novel, Favorite Sons (June , Arcade Publishing)/5(). The Shawshank Redemption is a brilliant demonstration of classism and the ways that a well-produced film can affect you long after the credits have rolled.

The Shawshank Redemption filmed in , directed by Frank Darabont bases a story around the life of prisoners in the Shawshank Prison. Mental illness may increase the likelihood of committing violence in some individuals, JB was a year-old married man who was involuntarily committed to the state hospital for severe depression, worsening over the previous several months, with multiple suicide attempts.

Violence has serious implications for society and psychiatric. By creating flawed, hypocritical, and sometimes mad characters, Flannery O’Connor demonstrates the religious decay of the South in her short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” While they appear to be quite different on the surface, Grandma and The Misfit are both the same at the core: sinners in need of Christ’s redemption.

The Misfit is blatantly sinful and enraged at the concept of.

Jan 10,  · Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now. In the movie, “I, Tonya,” the disgraced figure skater looks back on the Nancy Kerrigan scandal .

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